Albuquerque At A Glance

Visiting Albuquerque allows you to experience the authentic Southwest. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Albuquerque boasts a unique multicultural history and heritage.

Newcomers can look forward to a progressive educational system that offers a wide variety of choices for private, public, continuing, and advanced education. Whether your passion is art, opera, ballet, baseball, hockey, or extreme sports — New Mexico and Metropolitan Albuquerque guarantee a kaleidoscope of quality entertainment and enrichment.




Total Area                   
121,593 square miles

Land Area                   
121,359 square miles

Water Area                 
234 square miles

Highest Elevation
Wheeler Peak at 13,161 feet

Lowest Elevation        
Red Bluff Reservoir at 2,817 feet

Average Elevation
5,700 feet

Eastern third is Great Plains region; the central third is part of the Rocky Mountain range; and the
western third is high plateau. More than 85 percent of New Mexico is over 4,000 feet in elevation.

U.S. Region
Southwest, one of the “Four Corner” states with Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

Bordering States
Colorado (north), Oklahoma (northeast), Texas (east), Arizona (west), Utah (northwest) and
Mexico (south)

State Size Ranking
5th largest of the United States

Cattle, dairy products, hay, nursery stock, chilies.

Electric equipment, petroleum and coal products, food processing, printing and publishing,
manufacturing, research, high-tech, tourism.

Largest Cities             
Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Farmington, Alamogordo, Clovis, Hobbs,

State Capital
Santa Fe

Area Code                  

January 6, 1912

State Motto
Crescit Eundo (It grows as it goes)

State Nickname
Land of Enchantment

State Flag
Zia Sun Symbol on a field of yellow

State Songs
“O, Fair New Mexico” and “Asi es Nuevo Mejico”

State Bird
Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus)

State Flower
Yucca (Yucca glauca)

State Tree
Pinon Pine (Pinus edulis)


Few locales can claim the perfect combination of sun-drenched days, cool evenings, low humidity, and bright blue skies. Before the Land of Enchantment became the state slogan, New Mexico was known as the Sunshine State. Metropolitan Albuquerque is well known for having year-round beautiful weather that encourages a healthy, outdoor lifestyle and a myriad of activities. While the average annual rainfall is just 8.8 inches and snowfall is comparable, the annual snowfall at Sandia Peak just 30 minutes from downtown Albuquerque can be as much as 183 inches. One Southwestern weather phenomenon is the monsoon season during the summer months. During most years, July and August bring about 1.4 inches of the annual rainfall.

National Weather Service

Averages                     Jan      Mar      Jun      Sep      Dec     
Average max temp        47 F     61 F     89 F     82 F     48 F
Average min temp         23 F     32 F     56 F     25 F     43 F
Average precipitation    .4 in      .5 in      1.0 in    0.5 in    8.7 in
Average snowfall          2.4 in    1.6 in    0.0 in    2.3 in    9.9 in

Economic Indicators
Metropolitan Albuquerque accounts for nearly half of all the economic activity in New Mexico. Fueled by more than 750,000 regional residents, the area’s high-tech prowess and growing economy is one of the brightest in the nation. Many manufacturing companies are joined by a host of financial, insurance, and healthcare companies in modern office parks. The area is well endowed with large public institutions such as the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories, and the area’s largest employer — Kirtland Air Force Base.

The influence of Sandia and UNM as well as the nearby Los Alamos National Laboratory has established Albuquerque as a nationally recognized leader in research and development. A number of biotechnology and biomedical research firms dot the landscape, although Albuquerque is also emerging as a center for software innovation and production. Active groups are also nurturing opportunities for attracting optics-related businesses, institutions, and professionals to speed the growth of this important industry.


Top 10 Employers

Kirtland Air Force Base (Civilian)*
Air Force Materiel Command

University of New Mexico
Educational Institution

Albuquerque Public Schools
Public School District

Sandia National Labs
Science-Based Technologies that Support National Security

Hospital/Medical Services

Hospital/Medical Services

UNM Hospital
Hospital/Medical Services

City of Albuquerque

State of New Mexico
Intel Corporation
Semiconductor Manufacturer


Metro Area Comp Grocery Housing Utilities Transport Health
New York NY 207.9 147.9 370.5 172.8 113.6 127.1
San Francisco CA 162.0 109.2 278.9 96.4 120.4 115.4
Stamford CT 125.5 122.3 144.7 121.9 106.9 113.3
Washington DC 141.3 107.9 232.0 98.5 105.7 103.1
Los Angeles CA 136.9 108.8 204.9 104.3 116.6 110.3
San Diego CA 132.5 107.6 193.3 99.2 115.5 112.3
Bethesda, MD 128.9 110.6 178.1 123.0 105.9 104.7
Boston MA 132.4 113.3 156.1 140.2 103.6 122.2
Newark NJ 131.0 109.5 171.0 128.9 102.3 105.3
Philadelphia PA 124.8 122.6 138.8 134.3 104.3 105.9
Seattle WA 119.8 109.3 136.5 86.9 117.6 121.9
Providence RI 123.9 114.8 132.0 131.5 101.6 111.8
Chicago IL 114.9 110.4 136.6 99.7 111.3 108.4
Ft. Lauderdale FL 114.0 115.9 136.7 94.2 105.6 101.7
Portland OR 111.6 104.0 131.9 87.5 107.7 113.3
Albuquerque NM 94.7 89.4 89.3 91.4 95.4 100.8


US Census Bureau

Click on the links below to access the US Census Bureau’s Quick Facts community demographics data. In this area of the Census Bureaus web site you can get a quick snapshot of up to the minute information about any community or town in the United States as compiled by the Federal Government.

US Census Bureau Quick Facts

Census Bureau Fact Sheets About Your Community


Us Department of Education
For the most comprehensive listings and information about any school in the United States, click on one of the links below to access the US Dept. of Education’s list of links to every school district in the United States and to find out detailed information about every school district by state, city or town.

State Department of Education Links By State

National Center For Education Statistics

Albuquerque anesthesia jobs demographics

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Tax & Licenses

Photo Credits: Marble Street Studio


State Income Tax
New Mexico imposes a tax on the net income of every resident based on net income from employment, unearned income, gambling, pensions, annuities, and income from real or personal property in this state or from businesses located in this state. Non-residents are taxed on the net income from property, employment, or business in New Mexico.

New Mexico’s personal income tax “piggybacks” on the federal return and uses the federal adjusted gross income figure as its base. Net income usually equals federal taxable income, although some special deductions are available. New Mexico uses the same dollar amounts as the federal government for personal exemptions, standard deductions, and itemized deductions. The state tax rate is based on graduated-rate. For more information or answers to your specific questions, contact:

New Mexico Tax & Revenue

Sales Tax/Gross Receipts Tax
New Mexico does not have a sales tax. It has a gross receipts tax instead. This tax is imposed on persons engaged in business in New Mexico. In almost every case, the person engaged in business passes the tax to the consumer either separately stated or as part of the selling price. Only in its effect on the buyer does the gross receipts tax resemble a sales tax. The gross receipts tax rate varies throughout the state from 5.125% to 8.8675% depending on the location of the business. Pease see the State Tax information for further details.

New Mexico Taxation & Revenue

Estate Tax
New Mexico imposes an estate tax on the net estate in an amount equal to a proportionate share of the federal credit for state estate taxes. The net estate located in New Mexico of a nonresident is also taxable as a fraction of the federal credit. New Mexico does not impose an inheritance tax on heirs but an inheritance may be reflected in a taxpayer’s modified gross income as defined by New Mexico. If so, New Mexico personal income tax laws would apply.

Property Tax
New Mexico assesses residences at market value, determining this value by the sales-comparison approach that matches a property’s value to that of similar properties. This covers rental properties as well as owner-occupied residences. Tax rates vary substantially and depend on property type and location. The formula for calculation is extremely complicated and can vary greatly. The state Property Tax Division oversees the county assessors. For specific information about your property, contact your county assessor or the state Tax Division.

Property Tax Division
New Mexico Taxation & Revenue

County Assessors

Bernalillo County
501 Tijeras NW
Albuquerque 505-222-3700

Sandoval County
1500 Idalia Road
Bernalillo 505-867-7562

Torrance County
205 South Ninth Street
Estancia 505-544-4300

Valencia County
444 Luna Avenue
Los Lunas 505-866-2065


A wide variety of game abounds in New Mexico, including deer, elk, antelope, dove, duck, geese, quail, pheasant, grouse, and prairie chickens. The Department of Game & Fish can provide complete details on licenses, limits, and seasons. Most fishing waters in New Mexico are publicly owned, although Albuquerque is convenient to a large cold-water portion of the state fishing waters. Streams, irrigation ditches, and the City of Albuquerque Fishing Lagoon are stocked with trout each winter.

New Mexico Wildlife
New Mexico Department of Game & Fish

New Mexico Wildlife
Albuquerque Office
7816 Alamo Road NW

Hunting Information

Fishing Information

Internet License Sales
Many types of licenses are now available for purchase online, including “over-the-counter” unlimited licenses for fishing, small game, turkey, bear, cougar, and some deer hunts. A printer is not necessary, since the official document of licenses and tags will be mailed. However, you may wish to print a temporary license that you can use immediately to fish or hunt for species that don’t need a tag.

Outdoor Central Online Licensing


All dogs, cats, and ferrets that live in Bernalillo County must be vaccinated against rabies every year. They must also be licensed in the county each year. Pet License applications are available from your veterinarian or through Animal Services. All dogs and cats are required by law to be on a leash or confined to the owner’s property at all times. Overpopulation of pets is a serious problem, so the county encourages spaying or neutering. Qualified residents who live in the unincorporated areas of the county can receive financial assistance for this through the Spay Neuter Assistance Program. License fees for a sterilized dog or cat are also substantially lower. For more information on animal care and regulations, contact the appropriate agency or department:

Albuquerque Animal Services
8920 Lomas Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-768-2000

Bernalillo County Animal Services
1136 Gatewood SW
Albuquerque 505-468-PETS

Sandoval County Animal Control
Bernalillo 505-252-2781

Torrance County
751 Salt Missions Trail
McIntosh 505-384-5117

Valencia County Animal Control
1209 Highway 314
Los Lunas 505-866-2479


New Mexico has no length of residency requirement. Any person who is a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years of age prior to an election may register to vote. However, registration must be completed 28 days before the election. The application for registration requires your name, gender, residence, municipality, county of former registration, social security number, date of birth, political party affiliation if any, zip code, telephone number at the applicant’s option, and statement of qualification for voting as well as signature.

You may register to vote by using the mail-in registration form. These are available at any county clerk’s office, at the Office of the Secretary of State, and at many state agencies. New Mexico does not offer online voter registration or the ability to request a voter registration application online. However, it is possible to register to vote when applying for a new or renewed driver’s license, when applying for certain types of public assistance or services, at many public libraries, colleges and universities, or at any organized voter registration. For more information or answers to specific questions, contact:

Bureau of Elections
New Mexico Secretary of State

Bernalillo County Clerk
One Civic Plaza Northwest
Albuquerque 505-243-VOTE

Sandoval County Clerk
1500 Idalia Road
Bernalillo 505-867-7572

Torrance County Clerk
205 South Ninth Street
Estancia 505-246-4350

Valencia County Clerk
444 Luna Avenue
Los Lunas 505-866-2073


Political Party Contacts

Democratic National Committee
Washington, DC

Republican National Committee
Washington, DC

New Mexico Democratic Committee
300 Central Avenue
Albuquerque 505-830-3650

Republican Party of New Mexico
5150 A San Francisco NE
Albuquerque 505-298-3662

League of Women Voters
As a nonpartisan political organization, the League of Women Voters encourages citizens to remain informed and active in our government. This nationwide organization furnishes information about candidates, issues, and voting procedures. This group also works tirelessly to advocate and support election reform.

League of Women Voters of New Mexico
2315 San Pedro Drive Northeast
Albuquerque 505-884-8441



Albuquerque International Sunport
2200 Sunport Boulevard
Albuquerque 505-244-7700

Handling well over six million passengers each year, the airport continues to grow and expand to meet the region’s needs. Nearly 15 major commercial airlines and commuter airlines as well as military aircraft and general aviation craft share the outstanding facilities. Ground transportation to and from the airport in Albuquerque and surrounding communities throughout New Mexico is provided by numerous cab companies, door-to-door shuttles, buses, limousines, tour shuttles  and buses, rental car companies, out-of-town shuttles, and hotel or motel courtesy vehicles.

The airport is unique in its architecture but also in its public art program and performance series. Other features include restaurants or casual eateries and retail stores and kiosks that offer gifts and souvenirs, jewelry, clothing, accessories, specialty candy, newspapers, magazines, and books. ATM machines are conveniently located throughout the terminal.

Sunport Commercial Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Allegiant Airlines

American Airlines

Boutique Air

Delta Airlines

Frontier Airlines


Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

General Aviation

Double Eagle II Airport
7401 Paseo Del Volcan Northwest
Albuquerque 505-244-7888
This general aviation facility on Albuquerque’s west side offers two runways that serve training flights, military flights, air ambulance, charter, private, and corporate flights.


The major Southwestern highways of Interstate 25 and Interstate 40 intersect in the center of Albuquerque at the “Big I,” ensuring quick and convenient travel to all corners of the metropolis. Major improvements to the Big I ensure that local residents and travelers will enjoy the most efficient and modern of interchanges.

New Mexico Department of Transportation

Albuquerque District Office

Road Conditions

Bicycle, Pedestrian & Equestrian Programs

New Mexico Scenic Byways


Offering more than 30 routes throughout the city, the buses make stops approximately two blocks apart. Sun Tran also offers a monthly commuter pass, special services for the handicapped, including Sun Vans for the mobility impaired, TTY services for the hearing impaired, and personalized bus-trip planning services.

Sun Van
Those who are disabled and unable to take advantage of the fix-route bus service can be ADA-certified through an interview process at the Mini-Ride office for accessible transportation.

Bike/Walk Now Program
Bicycling or walking promotes health and fitness. ABQ RIDE provides detailed maps of walking and bike trails/routes, a walk or bike buddy program, trip planning, and other valuable assistance.

Carpool Now Program
Residents often live near others who work at companies near their own. Assistance in setting up carpools includes computerized matching of riders with similar commute patterns and preferences.

Guaranteed Ride Home
Commuters who regularly use alternative modes of transportation can have the peace of mine of a guaranteed ride home should an emergency arise. This service is available to anyone who uses an alternative transportation mode at least three times a week.

Intrastate & Interstate Travel

All Aboard America

Amtrak Passenger Rail

Greyhound Bus Lines


Driver License
New residents to New Mexico must apply for a license within 30 days and before they can accept employment that involves operating a motor vehicle. You must surrender any driver license issued by any other state or country to the Motor Vehicle Division at the time of application. All first-time licensees in New Mexico ages 18 to 24 are required to take the “None for the Road” awareness class. Those who are 25 years of age or older are exempt.

The “None for the Road” course is not administered by the Taxation and Revenue Department’s Motor Vehicle Division but is offered as a self-study course available by mail. The Motor Vehicle office does provide a flyer that gives complete information about the course and how to obtain materials. Young drivers under the age of 18 must operate on a graduated driver license until they meet the requirements for an unrestricted license. The three different levels of graduated licenses are instructional permit, provisional license, and unrestricted driver license.

Bring your certificate of completion for the “None for the Road” course, if required, and all necessary identification to any Motor Vehicle Division field office. Documentation includes your social security card or another form of identification that states your social security number. Proof of identification and age may take the form of your original birth certificate or a certified copy, a U.S. passport or foreign passport, or your current driver license from another state or county. Proof of New Mexico residency is also required. Even if you surrender a current and valid comparable driver license, you must still pass a vision test.

Vehicle Registration
Vehicles must be registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days after relocating to New Mexico. Fees are calculated according to the weight and year of the vehicle and are payable by check or cash. Proof of emissions testing in the Metropolitan Albuquerque region (Bernalillo County and sections of adjacent counties) as well as proof of insurance will be required. Other documentation you will need to bring to the Motor Vehicle Division field office includes the certificate of title, current registration, the odometer reading, proof of New Mexico residency, your New Mexico address, and a vehicle identification inspection certificate signed by a full-time law enforcement officer or by an employee at a local MVD Field Office. The proof of insurance must include the policy number and the insurance carrier name.

For more information about driver licensing or vehicle registration and titling in New Mexico, contact:

Motor Vehicle Division

MVD Telephone Directory
Driver Citations

Driver Services

Title Information

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Services


MVD Field Offices

Belen Office
100 South 5th Street
Belen 505-864-5260

Bernalillo Office
829 South Camino Del Pueblo
Bernalillo 505-867-5171

Estancia Office
513 Williams Avenue
Estancia 505-384-0512

Kirtland Air Force Base
1451 Fourth Street Southeast
Albuquerque 505-846-8390

Montgomery Plaza
4575 San Mateo Northeast
Albuquerque 505-875-0715

Moriarty Office
201 Broadway
Moriarty 505-832-6218

Mountainair Office
109 North Roosevelt Avenue
Mountainair 505-847-2591

Rio Rancho Office
4114 Sabana Grande Avenue Southeast
Rio Rancho 505-891-5014

Sandia Vista Office
11500 Menaul Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque 505-292-4570

Emissions Testing
Residents of the Albuquerque metropolitan area must provide proof that their vehicles have passed an emissions inspection test. These tests are available throughout the county at certified “Air Care” stations. For more information about emissions testing, contact:

Vehicle Pollution Management Division
1500 Broadway Northeast
Albuquerque 505-764-1110

Required Insurance
New Mexico requires a liability policy (or surety bond or cash deposit) with a minimum of $25,000 coverage for bodily injury to or death of one person, $50,000 coverage for bodily injury to or death of two or more persons, and $10,000 for property damage in any one accident. Proof of this insurance must be provided at the time the vehicle is registered.

Automobile Safety
New Mexico ranks among the top three states in the nation in terms of seat belt laws and enforcement, according to a recent report by the National Safety Council. The state requires that all passengers wear seat belts regardless of their seating position in the vehicle or their ages.

The child restraint act requires that each person under the age of 18 be property secured in a child passenger restraint system (child safety seat or booster seat) or by a safety belt. Children under age 1 must be property secured in a rear-facing child safety seat that meets federal standards and must be position in the rear seat of a vehicle that has a rear seat. If no rear seat is available, it is important to deactivate the passenger side airbag for the child’s safety.

Children ages 1 through 4, regardless of their weight, or those who weigh less than 40 pounds must be properly secured in a child passenger restraint device that meets federal standards. Children ages 5 through 12 must be secured in a child passenger restraint device or by a seat belt in the rear seat.

Drivers who violate either the seat-belt law or the child restraint act are subject to a penalty and the loss of two points on his or her New Mexico driver license. These laws are primary, which means that no other violation need occur for a law enforcement officer to pull the driver over and issue a citation. Several organizations are willing to loan out child safety device to those who are unable to afford the purchase. For further information or answers to specific questions, contact:

New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau
New Mexico Department of Transportation
Office of Program and Infrastructure
Albuquerque 505-699-6515

Safer New Mexico Now
9400 Holly Avenue Northeast
Albuquerque 505-332-7707


Photo Credits: Dirt Road Travels


Photo Credits: AANM


Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Albuquerque
7000 Jefferson Street NE
Albuquerque 505-344-9478
This specialty hospital has been providing physical rehabilitation services to the people of the Southwest since 1987. HealthSouth focuses solely on providing efficient and effective rehabilitation services.

Heart Hospital of New Mexico
504 Elm Street NE
Albuquerque 505-724-1100
Dedicated to offering the finest possible heart care for residents of New Mexico and the surrounding region, the hospital represents a collaboration and shared vision of the New Mexico Heart Institute and Southwest Cardiology Associates, the same talented cardiovascular physician groups that pioneered New Mexico’s leading heart programs.

Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital
8300 Constitution NE
Albuquerque 505-291-2000
As the first satellite hospital within the Presbyterian Healthcare Services network, Kaseman is located in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights. The hospital offers general medical, surgical, emergency services and houses a number of other specialty centers including the Presbyterian Cancer Treatment Center with two linear accelerators. Other unique specialties are the behavioral health center, lithotripsy, inpatient hospice, women’s resource center, and the arthritis center.

Lovelace Medical Center
601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue NE
Albuquerque 505-727-8000
Part of the Lovelace Health System, this full-service hospital provides general medical and surgical services, 24-hour emergency care, cancer care, an eye surgery center, long-term acute care, specialized surgery services, renal care, and the Gamma Knife Center. The latter is the only facility of its type in New Mexico that offers a minimally invasive treatment option where highly trained physicians perform brain surgery without a scalpel.

Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital
505 Elm Street NE
Albuquerque 505-727-4725
Part of the Lovelace health System, the hospital provides stroke specialty programs, brain injury rehabilitation programs, spinal cord system of care, inpatient rehabilitation programs, and outpatient medical rehabilitation programs.

Lovelace Westside Hospital
10501 Golf Course Road NW
Albuquerque 505-727-2000
The only full-service hospital on Albuquerque’s west side, this facility provides general medical and surgical services, emergency and intensive care, pediatric care, occupational therapy, diagnostic imaging, and physical therapy services.

Lovelace Women’s Hospital
4701 Montgomery Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-727-7800
As the only hospital in New Mexico devoted solely to the needs of women and children, this Lovelace Health System facility features a family birthing center, a pediatric urgent care center, a well-baby nursery, and a neonatal intensive care unit. Dedicated neonatologists, perinatologists, OB anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and midwives are all on staff. The hospital also offers a comprehensive calendar of appropriate classes and public education programs.

Presbyterian Hospital
1100 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque 505-841-1234
Distinguished as the largest acute-care facility in New Mexico, Presbyterian Hospital is a major tertiary medical center for the state. The hospital provides a full range of medical and surgical healthcare services and referral programs that include specialty centers like the Presbyterian Heart Center and Women’s Health Center. Other specialties include newborn and children’s programs with a Level III high-risk neonatal intensive care unit and a pediatric surgery program, the Presbyterian Eye Center, the Presbyterian Joint Replacement Center, kidney transplantation, orthopedics, cancer treatment services, and the Diabetes Education Center.

UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
1127 University Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-272-4866
Dedicated to New Mexico’s children and their families for more than 60 years, the hospital provides caring and coordinated healthcare to children and adolescents with complex musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, rehabilitation needs, developmental issues and long-term physical disabilities.

UNM Children’s Hospital of New Mexico
Barbara & Bill Richardson Pavilion
2211 Lomas NE
Albuquerque 505-272-5437
Providing the most advanced pediatric and neonatal care in New Mexico, the hospital offers services that range from ambulatory care outpatient clinics to inpatient units that ensure the highest level of intensive care hospitalization. Each year, UNM Children’s Hospital of New Mexico cares for nearly 40,000 children and more than half live outside of the Albuquerque area.

UNM Hospital
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
2211 Lomas Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-272-2111
Recognized as one of the top-performing hospitals in the nation, this institution is also ranked among the top ten academic centers and serves as the primary teaching hospital for UNM health profession students. The 372-bed acute tertiary care facility provides state-of-the-art patient care through inpatient as well as outpatient and emergency services. The hospital is known for its expertise in Level 1 Trauma, Burn Care, Kidney transplantation, and helicopter transport service.


Lovelace Health System

Presbyterian Health

UNM Health Sciences

Lovelace Women’s Hospital


Specialty Centers

Gamma Knife Center
Lovelace Medical Center
602 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue NE
Albuquerque 505-727-8288

New Mexico Association for Home & Hospice Care
2424 Louisiana Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-565-5777

New Mexico Poison Center
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque 505-277-0111

Presbyterian Heart Center
1100 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque 505-841-1234

UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
1201 Camino de Salud
Albuquerque 505-925-0471

After-Hours Urgent Care

Newcomers to the area will find these after-hours urgent care centers to be ideal as an alternative to a hospital emergency center visit. These care centers are also convenient for new residents who have yet to establish a family physician.

Presbyterian Pediatric Urgent Care
1100 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque 505-841-1819

Presbyterian Urgent Care Center
3901 Atrisco NW
Albuquerque 505-462-7575

Presbyterian Urgent Care Center
5901 Harper Drive NE
Albuquerque 505-823-8888

Presbyterian Urgent Care Center
3436 Isleta Boulevard SW
Albuquerque 505-462-7777

Presbyterian Urgent Care Center
4100 High Resort Boulevard SE
Rio Rancho 505-462-8888

Presbyterian Urgent Care Center
609 South Christopher Road
Belen 505-864-5454


New Mexico VA Health Care System
1501 San Pedro SE
Albuquerque 505-265-1711
This comprehensive system includes this Level 1 tertiary referral center in Albuquerque as well as a system of community based outpatient clinics located in 21 rural areas throughout New Mexico and southwestern Colorado.

Santa Fe Community Clinic
5152 Beckner Road
Santa Fe 505-986-8645


Albuquerque’s mild climate and recreational facilities has made it a prime retirement destination for many senior citizens. Excellent healthcare facilities and the lure of the relaxed Southwestern lifestyle have ensured Albuquerque’s place at the top of the list for many retirees. The following resources provide information and referrals on a wide range of programs and services.

City of Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs
714 7th Street SW
Albuquerque 505-764-6400
This dedicated department provides a wide range of services including educational opportunities, social, and recreational activities, health screenings, and nutritional programs in multi-purpose centers throughout the city. The department’s information line offers assistance with referrals or general information on a wide range of topics, activities, and programs.

Foster Grandparent Program
Albuquerque 505-764-6412
This program offered through the Department of Senior Affairs encourages seniors to give back to the community by volunteering to work with children with special needs. Volunteers are placed in schools, hospitals, correctional institutions, Head Start, and day care centers.

Senior Companion Program
Albuquerque 505-764-1612
Seniors at least 60 years of age or older can volunteer for a one-on-one relationship with the homebound frail elderly and assist clients with paying bills, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping, and most importantly friendship.

Senior & Multigenerational Centers
Locations Vary
Albuquerque 505-764-6400
The network of senior centers managed by the city of Albuquerque are conveniently scattered throughout the metropolitan area and Bernalillo County. Scheduled activities are focused on learning, recreation, socialization, sports, and wellness.

Senior Transportation
Albuquerque 505-764-6464
Another service provided by the Department of Senior Affairs is limited transportation within the Albuquerque-Bernalillo area that utilizes sedans, passenger vans, mini-vans, and wheel chair accessible vans. Call for more information or to arrange transportation.

Social Security Administration
Nationwide 800-772-1213
The information line can be used for a variety of services including establishing direct deposit, making an address change, inquiring about an overdue check, verifying benefits, filing a claim, or requesting a personal earnings and benefit statement.

Sports & Fitness Programs
Palo Duro Senior Center
5221 Palo Duro NE
Albuquerque 505-888-8102
This program through the Department of Senior Affairs offers a selection of exercise activities designed to keep seniors active and healthy at senior/satellite centers and other citywide locations.



Working parents and guardians will find a wide selection of child-care facilities and services available throughout the metropolitan area. Before and after-school programs are also offered at many elementary schools within the Albuquerque public school district. These programs provide a variety of activities including arts and crafts, field trips, recreation, and study time. The New Mexico Kids Warmline is a free service for parents or child-care providers who want to discuss issues related to child development, health, or child care with qualified staff members at the University of New Mexico. The New Mexico Office of Child Development website offers a wealth of information on child development and information on available child-care providers throughout the state, selectable by area. The following resources will be helpful in learning more about child-care resources:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Albuquerque & Rio Rancho
Administrative Offices
Rio Rancho Branch

Child Care Services Bureau
Children, Youth and Families Department

Choices for Families

New Mexico Kids Warmline

Children’s Choice Childcare Service

YWCA/Carino Child Care Resource & Referral

YMCA of Central New Mexico


Approximately 13 percent of Albuquerque children attend private schools that are either parochial or independent. Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish day schools combine with nondenominational and college-prep academies for a full range of educational alternatives. The New Mexico Public Education Department maintains an Alternative Education Unit that provides a list of private schools within the state and offers information on accreditation. For schools affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, the best source of information is the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. The following resources will be helpful in exploring the options for private education in Metropolitan Albuquerque:

Alternative Education Unit
Public Education Department

Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Roman Catholic Schools
4000 Saint Joseph’s Place NW
Albuquerque 505-831-8172

National Association of Independent Schools
Washington, D.C.

National Association of Private, Catholic & Independent Schools
Sacramento, CA


Educational Alternatives
New Mexico offers a wide range of alternatives to the traditional classroom and attendance schedules. The Alternative Education Unit is responsible for the rules and regulations that govern charter schools but also provides information and technical assistance to parents, community members, schools, and district personnel on alternative schools, charter schools, home schools, family schools, non-public or private schools, and the four-day school week. For more information on any of these programs, contact:

Alternative Education Unit

Charter Schools
Characterized as public schools that operate more independently in many educational respects than traditional schools, charter schools are developed by one or more parents, teachers, or community members. These schools are authorized by the local school board to provide an alternative educational setting to parents and students in the public school system. Charter schools provide an opportunity to create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children. For more information on charter schools that may be available close to home, contact:

Alternative Education Unit
Charter Schools

Home Schooling & Family Schools
New Mexico requires the home school operator to be the parent or legal guardian of the child and to have a high-school diploma or its equivalent. This person must also maintain a calendar that verifies schooling at least 180 days each year. The operator has to notify the secretary of education in writing within 30 days of establishing the home school. Home schooling is not considered accredited by the New Mexico Public Education Department but residents are able to continue home schooling indefinitely with annual renewals.

Family Schools offer a unique educational approach where students receive more than half-time instruction in the public schools and the remaining time in home-based parental instruction. The school site program is usually multi-grade with a focus on the core content areas. Family schools must receive approval to operate from local and state school boards. Students in a family school are considered public school students and can graduate with the school. For more information, contact:

Home Schooling


Dedicated to the ideal that education is a life-long process, Metropolitan Albuquerque ensures a wide range of educational programs for all ages and stages of life. Continuing education programs, prestigious college prep schools, year-round and bilingual public schools, a top-rated university medical school, and growing community resources work together to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Tailored occupational education programs meet the specialized needs of business and industry, while mature adults embark on advanced degree programs or entirely new career paths.

New Mexico Public Education Department
300 Don Gaspar Avenue
Santa Fe 505-827-5800

Assessment & Accountability

National Assessment Education Progress
NAEP New Mexico


New Mexico School & District Locator
Public & Private Schools

District Report Cards

Charter Schools

Home Schooling

Special Education


More than 30 institutions in the Albuquerque area provide vocational and career training as well as assist with job placement. The diverse fields and industries addressed by the programs in these schools include travel, construction, trucking, graphic design, culinary, industrial arts, social welfare, and broadcast media. The following are some of the available opportunities:

Artesia Vocational Training Center
3205 West Main Street
Artesia 505-703-5963

The Ayurvedic Institute
11311 Menaul Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-291-9698

Carrington College
1001 Menaul Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-254-7777

Hypnotherapy Academy of America
2132 Osuna Road NE
Albuquerque 505-767-8030

New Horizons Computer Learning Center
7510 Montgomery Boulevard NE
Albuquerque 505-830-7100

PIMA Medical Institute
4400 Cutler Avenue NE
Albuquerque 800-477-PIMA

Southwest University of Visual Arts
5000 Marble Avenue
Albuquerque 800-825-8753


Central New Mexico Community College
Main Campus
900 University Boulevard SE
Albuquerque 505-224-3000

Central New Mexico Community College
Joseph M. Montoya Campus
4700 Morris NE
Albuquerque 505-224-5520

Central New Mexico Community College
South Valley Campus
5816 Isleta SW
Albuquerque 505-224-5000

Central New Mexico Community College
Westside Campus
10549 Universe Boulevard NW
Albuquerque 505-224-5360

Central New Mexico Community College
Workforce Training Center
5600 Eagle Rock Avenue NE
Albuquerque 505-224-5200

Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Boulevard
Clovis 505-769-2811

Institute of American Indian Arts
83 Avan Nu Po Road
Santa Fe 505-424-2325

Luna Community College
366 Luna Drive
Las Vegas 800-588-7232

New Mexico Military Institute
101 West College Boulevard
Roswell 505-622-6250

New Mexico State University
Alamogordo Branch
2400 Scenic Drive
Alamogordo 575-439-3600

New Mexico State University
Carlsbad Branch
1500 University Drive
Carlsbad 575-234-9200

New Mexico State University
Dona Ana Branch Community College
3400 Espina Street
Las Cruces 575-527-7500

New Mexico State University
Grants Campus
1500 Third Street
Grants 505-287-6678

Northern New Mexico Community College
921 North Paseo De Onate
Espanola 505-747-2100
El Rito 575-581-4100

San Juan College
4601 College Boulevard
Farmington 505-326-3311

Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Avenue
Santa Fe 505-428-1000

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
9169 Coors Boulevard
Albuquerque 800-586-SIPI

University of New Mexico
Gallup Campus
705 Gurley Avenue
Gallup 505-863-7500

University of New Mexico
Los Alamos Campus
4000 University Drive
Los Alamos 505-662-5919

University of New Mexico
Valencia Campus
280 La Entrada Road
Los Lunas 505-925-8500

University of New Mexico
Taos Campus
1157 Co Road 110
Ranchos De Taos 575-737-6200


Founded in 1889, the University of New Mexico sprawls over 600 acres along historic Route 66 in the heart of Albuquerque. From the magnificent mesas to the west, past the banks of the historic Rio Grande to the Sandia Mountains to the east, this area offers a colorful and rich harmony of cultures and cuisines, styles and stories, pursuits and panoramas.

UNM offers a unique campus environment with a Pueblo Revival architectural theme that echoes the buildings of the nearby Pueblo Indian villages. The university’s nationally recognized Campus Arboretum provides an outstanding botanical experience, renowned as one of New Mexico’s great public open spaces.

Representing a wide cross-section of cultures and backgrounds in its student body, the university serves nearly 25,000 students on its main campus and more than 7,000 additional students in branch campuses and education centers. UNM boasts outstanding faculty members who include a Nobel Laureate, a MacArthur Fellow, and several members of the national academies.

Course offerings and degree programs are remarkably diverse and well respected. Several of the programs within the UNM School of Medicine have been listed in the nation’s top 10 by U.S. News & World Report and the rural medicine program consistently holds the number two spot in the nation.

Branch campuses are available in Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos, and Valencia County. UNM also offers graduate and upper division programs in Los Alamos and Santa Fe as well as in other locations throughout the state. The University libraries, museums, galleries, and Center for the Arts represent a rich cultural resource for the entire state. In fact, the UNM Tamarind Institute is one of the world’s premier printmaking workshops. UNM Lobo athletics draw fans from the far corners, and the University Arena or “The Pit” was ranked 13th by Sports Illustrated as one of the top 20 sports venues of the century.

University of New Mexico
Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque 505-277-0111

Eastern New Mexico University
1500 S Avenue K
Portales 800-367-3668

New Mexico Highlands University
1005 Diamond Street
Las Vegas 877-850-9064

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro 575-835-5424

New Mexico State University
1780 East University Avenue
Las Cruces 575-646-0111

Western New Mexico University
1000 West College Avenue
Silver City 800-872-9668


New Mexico State University
Albuquerque Campus
4501 Indian School NE
Albuquerque 505-830-2856
This private liberal-arts college serves approximately 800 full-time students in a traditional classroom setting and more than 1,000 evening students while maintaining a 14-to-1 student-faculty ratio.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Kirtland Air Force Base
1900 Wyoming Boulevard SE
Albuquerque 505-846-8946
More than 35 programs are available at this unique university that teaches the science, practice, and business of aviation, aerospace, and selected related technologies.

National American University
4775 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque 505-348-3700
Responsive to the career needs of its students, this private university is a regionally-accredited, multi-campus institution that builds a learning partnership with students.

St. John’s College
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe 505-984-6000
This liberal arts college is best known for its “great books” curriculum, where the course of study revolves around reading, studying, and discussing the most important books of the Western tradition.

Southwestern College
3960 San Felipe Road
Santa Fe 877-471-5756
Students interested in counseling and art therapy centers will find innovative and unique educational experiences in this holistic, person-centered, experiential learning environment.

University of Phoenix
5700 Pasadena Avenue
Albuquerque 844-YES-UOPX
Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees can be earned on campus or online or using a combination of both. The nation’s largest private university specializes in the education of working adults.

University of the Southwest
6610 Lovington Highway
Hobbs 505-392-6561
Toll Free 800-530-4400
Christianity, free enterprise, service, and excellence are the hallmarks of the CSW educational experience.

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